Saturday, July 12, 2008

The parlsey patch is growing huge! To think these started from some really tiny leggy seedlings...amazing.
Here is the herb garden. I have to say that today I spent about an hour weeding it today and it looks better now than it does in this picture. I love working around herbs and the wonderful aroma's. I can't wait to expand my herbs next year!
Gooseneck Longstrife growing along the house. The are starting to flower after not growing a whole lot this year. But it seems that anything I transplanted doens't grow a whole lot this year and hopefully next year they will continue to grow and spread around this section.
My favorite hobby :-)
Heirloom tomatoes growing!!
These tomato plants are some of the ones I started from seeds in late Feb/earlyMarch. These plants were on the verge of plant death as they got way too wet and the leaves started turning yellowish/purplish. Out of the goodness of my heart I planted them all and low and behold they really perked up and turned green again. I am most proud of these plants since they started from tiny seeds!
I love this picture.
This is yellow and red rudbeckia flowers.

This is the other UP (unidentified plant). Can anyone name this for me? I have several of them growing from our mystery seeds. Edited to add that it may be parsnips, but their leaves look much more defined and sharper when I googled it. We will just wait and see what these turn out into.
I sure do hope this plant is a weed, lol, since I pulled them all out of the garden today. Edited to add that it is or should I say was aramanth, the flowering kind, not the edible kind. Since discovering the name and googling it, it can grow quite tall and I am not feeling too bad about picking it, lol. But now I know!
Hmm, I wonder what this large leaf is growing out from under the lemon balm? I am sure it came from my mystery packet of seeds, any ideas?
Tomatillo's growing

Lemon cuke...growing really fast!
Here are the lemon cuke's about 2 weeks after that picture above. I love how they are climbing the fence. Wonder how these will taste? Not too bad for free seeds :-)
Beautiful cuke flowers
Tomato alley is getting thick, lol. There are about 6 plants in each plot, not that you can tell any more!

These babies are growing really fast. We have harvested about 8 or so of them.
So far we have harvested 3 banana peppers!
I think green bean flowers are one of the most beautiful flowers I have seen!

Love these zucchini flowers when they are open in the morning. We have 3 growing on one plant and one on two other plants. I can't wait!

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Wow I absolutely love your garden and pictures!!