Friday, June 27, 2008

Ok, so I had to add just 3 more pictures, lol. My wonderful husband brought home 14 handmade tomato cages and a truck load of grass clippings from a co-worker. I never thought that playing with grass clippings would be something I wanted to do, however in light of benefitting my soil, I am thrilled. The grass clippings made my yard smell like a farm (I like farms too), but the smell is getting better, lol. Even my youngest daughter walked outside and said, woowee, it sure stinks out here! So here is a shot of the garden.
Here is a close up of a tomato cage. Nice, huh? I am a lucky woman to have such a crafty husband!

Afternoon sun shining down on those pretty tomato cages!
First flower, so pretty!

This is some garlic I planted on a whim last fall. Wonder what is going on with this plant? It looks like there is a clove starting to form mid stem?
Herb garden, got some feverfew starts and a camomile plant
The rest of the herb garden, parlsey, oregano and catmint all doing great. Oh there is some sage seedlings in there too.

Purple sage, rosemary, oregano and thyme.
Lemon balm growing, I love the smell of this! But what are the leafy plants growing among the lemon balm? They are from our mystery seeds for kids packet and have several locations in the garden. I am hoping they are flowers?
Basil tucked in among the tomatoes doing well.

White yarrow along outside of garden.
Mystery plant growing among the seeds for kids with the little white flower on top, anyone know what this is? ***It is Buckwheat!
What are these little black bugs eating happily on my tomatillo plant? If I spray it with soapy water, they stay away until it rains, but then they are back.

Here is my little turtle dove in the garden again. I love those birds!

Mystery plant growing in the seeds for kids area, spinach maybe?

This mystery plant has beautiful green leaves, but I have no clue as to what it is?

broom corn, bush bean seedlings, basil seedlings, cilantro and jack be little growing along the fence

broom corn and regular corn, some sage just sprouted but you can't see it too well here
This is my seeds for kids area...I have a few mystery plants coming up in my next post I need some help identifying. I bought this package for .75 as seeds that didn't pass germination tests or seeds that were left overs. Lots sprouted and it has been a fun spot to watch in the garden. I think I ordered them from Bountiful Gardens.
zucchini plants growing bigger

dill, cosomos, sunflowers, and a couple of radishes left
Pole beans with string for support
Grandpa Ott's Flowering Vine Seedlings

Tomato alley, lol. I tried using string to give support to these tomatoes.

Garden entry way and new bench hubby made me from recycled materials.

Vine seedlings sprouting

Saturday, June 21, 2008

June 18th. We had 2 turtle dove baby birds visit our garden & got a picture of one of them by the flower plants. The girls have been in bird heaven this year. They have gotten to see the turtle doves, a little new sparrow and both of the robins from the nest next to the house.
Herb garden in front of fence. Catmint plant

Love those pickets!

Along this outer edge are black eye susans, purple and yellow coneflowers and by the shed are a couple of butterfly bushes. All gotten from my new friend Karen for $1 a plant :-) Gotta love the classified section in the newspaper.
May 22, 2008
Fence in progress, and entryway made my my husband for flowering vines to climb.
Well, this is my first post on my first blog. I am looking for a way to track the growth of my first vegetable & herb garden. So far it is going great. I planted on May 29 after my wonderful husband spent hours of his time working on tilling, building a fence and laying out the paths for me to garden.
So here it is in the beginning stages. (May 13)Last year we cut down 3 trees to make this space sunny enough to have a garden. You can see the cotton wood roots to the left of the picture.

Here are my heirloom tomatoes I started from seed, just waiting for the garden to be done.