Friday, June 27, 2008

Ok, so I had to add just 3 more pictures, lol. My wonderful husband brought home 14 handmade tomato cages and a truck load of grass clippings from a co-worker. I never thought that playing with grass clippings would be something I wanted to do, however in light of benefitting my soil, I am thrilled. The grass clippings made my yard smell like a farm (I like farms too), but the smell is getting better, lol. Even my youngest daughter walked outside and said, woowee, it sure stinks out here! So here is a shot of the garden.
Here is a close up of a tomato cage. Nice, huh? I am a lucky woman to have such a crafty husband!

Afternoon sun shining down on those pretty tomato cages!


Val said...

You sure are lucky! My husband wouldn't know a tomato cage from a bean pole. lol! Your garden is stunning Amy!

Gentle suggestion... you may want to trellis your zucchinis. ;) They will take over that little bed and half your garden by fall.

I am totally impressed by your first garden! You have an amazing imagination and skill. :)


Amy said...

Thanks Val! I am wondering how I can trellis these zucchini's? They don't have climbers that reach out and the vines seem fragile. Would I just have them tied on to a trellis of some sort? Do you have any pictures of an idea I can use for these?